The Dragon Sleeps by Ellen Read Review

‘The Dragon Sleeps’ takes place in 1927 Queensland, Australia and follows 21-year-old aspiring antiques dealer, Alexandra Thornton. Alexandra plans to follow in her forefather’s footsteps and get into the ages-old family business of antiques. Only her father doesn’t know it yet.

As Alexandra plans to head to a weekend party at Thornton Park, her ancestral home, Thornton Antiques’ manager – and Alexandra’s dear friend – Benedict Archer (who has been secretly helping Alexandra learn all she can about the antiques business) helps her gather her courage to break the news to her father.

The party seems to be a success…until a brutal murder is committed on the grounds of Thornton Park, and a precious antique is stolen.

Could the killing have happened because of an angry, murder-hungry dragon spirit, tied to a sword owned by the Thornton family? And how might the Ming dragon – a statue just gifted to Alexandra’s father – tie in, when blood is discovered on its claws?

Brilliant and independent Alexandra takes it upon herself to unravel the mystery, and figure out how its tied to her family. As secrets unfold, and Alexandra begins to question her feelings for Benedict, she soon finds that her own life is in grave danger.

Reading TDS was like stepping into the pages of an old-world Agatha Christie novel. The world Read builds brings the characters, setting, and time period roaring to brilliant life. The author’s love for her homeland, history, architecture, and flowers are passionately displayed within these pages, and the passion became contagious!

Alexandra was by far my favorite character in the novel. She’s so untraditional for her time period, and I loved that about her. She’s whip-smart and determined to forge her own path in life. I’m fond of strong female characters, and Ellen Read delivers just that in Alexandra.

The suspense and romance of ‘The Dragon Sleeps’ will leave you breathless until the very end!

I give TDS 5 stars, and highly recommend it! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

2019 Update: You can pick up your copy of ‘The Dragon Sleeps’ when it’s soon published by Crimson Cloak Publishing!